Bishop Rob Wright: Worry


If it's not the economy, it's the water. If it's not the water, it's the family. Seems irresponsible not to worry. Jesus said, "You can't add one inch to your height by worrying." Matthew 6:27


The word worry comes from a word that means to strangle or choke! Worry doesn't change anything. Faith changes things! Jesus said, "Look at the birds, God takes care of them. If God takes care of them, how much more will God take care of are more special to him than birds." Matthew 6:27


If you know how to worry, then you know how to meditate and pray. A great worrier is a prayer warrior in the making. Worrying is meditating on and repeating the negative.


Next time worry comes, exchange it for reciting silently or aloud the goodness of God, or the promises of God, or the provision of God, or the friendship of Jesus.


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