Darkwood Brew: If Love Wins...What Now? Week 2: Neighbor


Taken with permission from DarkwoodBrew.org

Rob Bell's book 'Love Wins' rocked American Christianity with a message of God's grace for all people. This four-part series led by Rev. Eric Elnes Ph.D. explores how it works in our life and what it means to people in our communities and around the world.

Whether you're considering God's universal grace for the first time, or wanting to delve more deeply into a faith that embraces all people, this series presents a fascinating line-up of guests to help you answer "What now?" in unique and personal ways.

In Part 2, Eric talks with Diana Butler Bass about Neighbor.

Skype Guest - Diana Butler Bass

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If Love Wins, What Now? Episode 2 from Darkwood Brew on Vimeo.