Scott Black Johnston: A Prayer for Good Friday

It is Friday, Holy One, and we stand at the foot of the cross.

Where shall we cast our eyes?

We look down. We glance to the side.

We stare inward. We look up... at him.

Mantegna Crucifixion

My God, my God, what does this mean?

How is this sacred?

How can this save?

How is this love?

This is a hard place to stand.

We want to run away.

Yet you, gracious God, bid us stay.

So we ask for courage, patience and calm.

Help us to watch and listen and pray.

It is Friday, and we stand at the foot of the cross.

Hold on to us here.

Do not let us go.

This we pray in the precious name of Jesus, our suffering Lord. Amen.


From Scott's blog, Sharp About Your Prayers.