Kenneth Samuel: Justice and Equity

"Mighty King, lover of justice, thou hast established equity . . . " - Psalm 99:4 

One might think that the first order of business for a king would be to protect and preserve the class system of hierarchical nobility that supports his reign.  But the reign of God is a reign that establishes equal value upon the life of every person.  

Not an easy task, when different values are individually and systemically placed on people according to race, gender, class, religion and sexual orientation all the time.  Not an easy task when persons are evaluated by group identity instead of individual character most of the time.  Not an easy task by any means, but certainly a godly task.  

The quest for equity among different people is difficult and daunting indeed, but it remains at the heart of a truly just society; and it remains in the heart of every godly believer.  

Someone wrote that they longed for an America in which a George Zimmerman would offer a hooded Trayvon Martin a ride home in the rain, with no fear or apprehension, and a Trayvon Martin would accept the ride, with no fear or apprehension.  

The establishment of "liberty and justice for all" hinges upon our commitment to the realization of dreams like this.  

Nelson Mandela said: "It always seems impossible, until it is done." 


Lord God, we are grateful that your sovereignty is expressed through our equity.  Now let your reign of justice and equity be established in our hearts and ratified in our public policies.  Amen.

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