A Prayer for Holy Week

This weekend, we celebrate the brave parade of a band of folks who believed in a man who was making a difference in people’s lives. He wasn’t coming into the city on a strong, overpowering steed. He wasn’t coming in with city musicians playing a fanfare. He was coming into the city to the accompaniment of the people’s voices and under the power of a slow but steady work animal.

This weekend we celebrate everyone who continues the journey one step at a time, slow and not always steady, with no celebrity fanfare, keepin’ on keepin’ on because there are loved ones who count on them.

There are people in our churches, or outside our churches, who are putting one foot in front of the other each week, bravely moving forward in lives that present challenges, sorrow, stress, and frustration.

I celebrate the human spirit that is tenacious, that continues to seek out silver linings in spite of dark clouds, that supports and champions the not-so-powerful when they recognize integrity, wisdom, and love there.

And I celebrate that God’s message in this brave parade is that we are never alone. That God will always march on the side of justice for all who are oppressed. And there is always an open invitation to join the band of believers in a brighter future for this precious world.

May your Brave Parades be deliciously audacious.

Consider using the Prayer of Confession below during Holy Week in worship.

Prayer of Confession

O God, we stand at the gate,

hesitant and uncertain.

At times we are unwilling to answer your invitation;

slow to take steps into

the journey toward your Kin-dom.

Forgive us, we pray.

Help us to embrace the joy and the pain

which comes of following you,

of loving others,

of accepting ourselves.

Grant us the courage to join you in the procession;

selflessness to lay our cloaks before you;

freedom to lift our palms to your glory;

and knowledge that by your grace

we are forgiven. Amen.

Leader: Hear this good news!  The procession is ever moving forward.

We can join at any moment.  The invitation still stands!

In the name of Jesus Christ you are forgiven!

People: In the name of Jesus Christ, you are forgiven!

Glory to God! Amen!

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