Margaret Marcuson: Never Do This In Ministry

I’m not inclined to make absolute statements. But here are ten “never” statements for your reflection about your ministry:

  1. Never answer an upsetting email or text without taking time to think.

  2. Never volunteer to cut your salary.

  3. Never allow employees to act egregiously (losing control at work, not showing up, refusing to do part of their job) without addressing it.

  4. Never hire someone if your instinct says don’t.

  5. Never chase someone to try to convince them of something.

  6. Never say yes to a big request without taking time to think about it.

  7. Never avoid a tough conversation you know you’re going to have anyway. (OK, I’ve done it and I know you’re going to do it, but see if you can put it off less next time.)

  8. Never forget that whatever comes your way is as much about your position as leader as it is about you.

  9. Never try to motivate the unmotivated. (Thanks to Edwin Friedman for this one.)

  10. Never lose vacation time because you didn’t take it.


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