Cistern That Holds No Water

A strong faith in God and living by the virtues of that faith have been major factors in making America great. Religious convictions have been the bedrock on which our strength and glory rested. To many it seems that we are in danger of swapping that glory for that which does not profit. There is a suspicion that something spiritual is lacking in our lives, and that troubles us. 

The Rev. John R Gunn reminds us that in Old Testament days, God warned his chosen people of Israel not to forget the bedrock of faith on which their nation grew. But the Israelites forsook their faith, and filled its place with philosophies of their own making -- cisterns that could hold no water.

Perhaps this is our trouble in America. We seem to worship material success and trust the almighty dollar to fill our spiritual needs as well as our physical needs. Social success, fame, fortune -- all are goals which cause us to forget ethical standards and the basic Christian virtues that made us great.

The only answer is to turn each one of us to the fountain of living water.