Parable of Life

In the Book of Deuteronomy, Moses speaks of the eagle that stirs up the nest of her young, mixing the thorny outside with the downey inside. With the nest less comfortable, the little fledglings are forced to take to the air. The mother eagle drives them from her nest and forces them to use their wings so that they may become full fledged eagles able to combat the storm.

The Rev. John R Gunn comments that, "This is a parable of life. How often by some misfortune we are stirred out of a place of ease and comfort and forced out upon a new and untried course. We shrink from the change, yet except for such changes we would stiffen into habits that would warp and weaken us.

God deals with us as the mother eagle with her young... to bring us to a more mature, stronger, more useful life.

This is another side to the parable. The fledglings, when rustled out of their nest are not left to themselves. The mother eagle hovers near, ready to bear them on her wings the moment the storm becomes too much. Likewise, God never leaves us to ourselves, but ever hovers over us to take ant to bear us to his arms when we are caught in a storm beyond our strength."