Fireside Ministry

"It is a high privilege to be an evangelist and to tell the story of Christ to the throngs that assemble in the sanctuary. But it is an equal high privilege to live the story of His love in the family circle. To tell of him to the children gathered in the nursery." This is the observation of author John R. Gunn

Jesus once cured a man of a mental illness. Restored to health, that man wanted to remain with Jesus to travel about with Him. But Jesus said, Go home to thy friends and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee.

Some who would like to devote themselves to missionary work are kept at home by the requirement to attend to others. Perhaps children or perhaps an invalid in the family. Let not those who are so bound grieve the want of a mission. Go home to thy friends. Light Heaven on the hearth. Plant good seed in the nursery. Shed love in the sick room. Make home radiant with the beauty and glory of Christ. Honor as a divine call the office of fireside missionary.

Few are called to go away from home and do religious work. Most of us are called to stay at home and do religious work. We admire the heroism of the missionary who leaves his home for Christ. But to stay at home for Him may be an equally heroic thing.

If you long to engage in public ministry for Christ but are prevented from doing so, you will find your place of service if you will heed the lesson that comes to you from the man Christ sent back home.