Little Sins

In the Song of Songs, we read of the little foxes that spoil the vines. Not the hyenas of monstrous sins, but the little foxes - small sins. They are the sins that destroy the vines of character.

Columnist John R. Gunn writes that, "Little foxes soon grow to be big foxes. Little foxes of temper soon become grownup jackals. Little foxes of innuendo grow rapidly into big foxes of slander and bitter abuse.

The little white lie becomes a progenitor of the big, black lie. The little fox of petty theft becomes the big fox of felonous robbery. Little sins creep upon us unawares and often, before we recognize their presence, they tear up our vines."

All evils have a strong affinity for one another. One sin is an invitation to a whole troop of sins. Let one little fox get into your vineyard and soon others will come flocking in.

Take us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes. Character is a very tender, delicate thing. It needs to be protected against every evil, even the smallest evil.

There are little foxes that often get into the vineyard of life. Little foxes of suspicion and mistrust. Little foxes of impure thoughts. What havoc these little foxes play. They tear up the vines and destroy the tender grapes of love. They ruin the vineyard of happiness. Often they sever relationships with those we love. Take heed - beware of little sins. Keep the little foxes out of your vineyard.