Spiritual Well Being

Horace the Latin poet once said, "Man is never watchful enough against the dangers that threaten him every hour."

According to columnist John R. Gunn, this is especially true with reference to moral and spiritual dangers. "Many a man who is alert enough in guarding himself against the dangers that menaces health and physical safety, never gives a thought to the dangers that threaten his moral and spiritual well-being."

Everyone should of course be on watch to safeguard himself against injury and disease, but it is far more important to be watchful against those dangers that imperil our souls, for these are more manifold and more subtle. And besides, are not our souls of greater value than our bodies?

One dark night a traveler was crossing the Irish sea, as the ship drove along over the waves he walked the deck talking to the seamen and looking out across the dark water. One of the men told him of the great care taken to prevent accidents and said, "At the present moment there are nine men on the lookout on this vessel. Nine men watching."

Life is a voyage across a treacherous sea and never for a moment can we afford not to keep a close and strict lookout for danger. It is because men fail to watch, that so many human ships are wrecked and sunk on the sea of life. All of us suffer from evils into which we have fallen because of our failure to be on the lookout for the dangers of sin and temptation. How different would be the story of our lives if we were more watchful.