Hopes and Aspiration

"You and I are not meant to settle down and rest in undisturbed contentment.", writes columnist John R. Gunn. "We are born to hopes and aspirations and unless we quench within us the spirit of pioneering and adventure, we cannot settle down in passive idleness, satisfied and content."

There are some who seem content to stay where birth and circumstance place them. Having food and raiment and a shelter over their heads there with they seem satisfied.

How pathetic are the lives of such people? They never experience the thrill and joy of pursuing, of achieving, of a pilgrimage to new lands, of exploring new worlds. Settled and at ease in their narrow little world they see no appeal in the new and larger worlds to which life calls them.

Responding to the summons of Jehova when he said, Get thee out unto a land, I will show thee. Abram went forth and discovered a new land and became the founder of a nation.

It is through obedience to this summons that all new discoveries are made and new frontiers are reached. Life is noble and fruitful, worthwhile and useful in the proportion in which we keep getting out and getting on.

We read of Abram and his family; they went forth to go into the land of Canaan.

To keep our minds fresh and growing, to make life thrilling, to keep developing and expanding into larger life and usefulness, you and I must have before us continually some land of Canaan toward which to travel. Hear the call and heed it when life cries out to you, Get thee out.