Once there was a rich, old farmer by the name of Nabol. We read in First Samuel that he had three thousand sheep and a thousand goats.

To look after these sheep and goats, to sow his fields and reap his harvests, he employed a great many laborers. How these employees felt toward Nabol is revealed in the comment of one of them, He is such a son of the Devil. In other words, Nabol was wicked, lawless, bad. He deliberately opposed the love of God and preferred Satan. How mean and contemptible Nabol must have been.

Columnist John R. Gunn writes that, "He was a man of such vicious disposition, so overbearing in his manner, that his employees said of him, A man cannot speak to him."

The way employees feel about speaking to an employer is usually enough to indicate what kind of a man he is. Employees may misjudge their employer and often do, but they have an opportunity to know him as others do not and what they think can generally be relied upon as a good index to his character.

"He's as mean as the Devil", said one young man when asked how he liked his employer. Said another young man of another employer, "I couldn't work for a better man. He seems as interested in me as if I were his own son."

If you are an employer or have others working for you, why not take time to find out what they really think of you? It might be interesting to know. If you practice Christian attitudes toward your fellow workers, the answer will be a pleasant one.