Helen Keller

Helen Keller was born deaf, dumb and blind. Her early life was a blank, apparently, with no communication with anyone or anything. Then a great teacher, Anne Sullivan, came to live and work with Helen. Soon they had discovered together the magic of talking with the touch of the fingers. Now the blind could begin to see, the deaf to hear and the dumb to speak.

Helen Keller's religious instruction came from the great preacher Philip Brooks. He told her about God and what God had done for us in Jesus Christ. She listened awhile and then said, "Mr. Brooks, I knew all that before, only I did not know God's name."

Columnist John R. Gunn asks, "Have you not often felt some mysterious impulse lifting you up toward the good and noble? What was it? Simply the soul reaching out for the God who made it. Doubtless also there are other times when you would like to know more of God's love; to live a better life. But something pulls you down - what is it?"

In a museum there is a steel key, apparently hanging in mid-air, defying the law of gravity. The trick is in the top of the showcase. There's an electromagnet, drawing the key upward, but the key is bound to the floor of the case by a tiny thread. Clip that thread and instantly the key would fly to the magnet.

Like a magnet, God is pulling you toward Himself, but somewhere in your life there is the black thread of an evil habit of hatred or of greed holding you down. God can clip that thread if you let him. If you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord, you be lifted into a happy fellowship with God.