God of Speed

"Some years ago, the Queen of Romania, when on a visit to America, said of us, 'You're full of vitality and very active. You never seem to sit down and think things over.' That's the impression Americans seem to make upon many visitors from the older countries", according to columnist John R. Gunn.

Another visitor from abroad, after observing the rush and hurry of American life said, "What America needs most of all is repose - time to stop and take breath." It pays to take time to think things over; to take breath, but in this strenuous and busy age, how few there are who ever take time to think things over. Especially is this true in America where there has grown up a veritable gospel of hurry and where everyone has become such worshippers of the god of speed, that they've almost forgotten that there is a silence in which the soul grows and an inaction in which action comes to birth.

In both work and play, speed seems to be the outstanding characteristic of American life. Indeed it is the opinion of many medical men that the strain induced by the tremendous speed at which we are going is driving us to nervous breakdown, insomnia and eventual mental and physical collapse. Whether or not we fully agree with this opinion, it's well worth studying.

Are you a worshipper of the god of speed? Do you subscribe to the gospel of hurry? If so, it will pay you to pause; to seek that silence in which the soul grows and that inaction in which action comes to birth.