Survival of Christ's Words

How much is enough? That's a question raised by an old proverb and the answer is, a little more than one has.

"The money miser never knows when he has enough, no matter how much he accumulates, he always wants more", says columnist John R. Gunn. "Every one knows a man like this. He started out with the ambition to accumulate a modest fortune - just enough to make himself comfortable and safe against the rainy day, say, twenty-five thousand dollars. He was a hard worker and shrewd in business and it required only a few years to achieve his goal, but was he satisfied? Far from it.

His ambition shot up to one hundred thousand dollars. No time now for reading, no time for worship of God and very little time for wife and child. That hundred thousand had to be made - it was made. Then his ambition skyrocketed to a half million dollars. There's no need to fill in the details; you're familiar with his career. More than ever he enslaved himself.

Art, music, literature, religion, family...all these could wait. A half million dollars first - the years rolled on and at last a half million was made. Seventy years of age he was with only a few more years to reasonably count on. Surely he had enough, surely he would not want any more, but strange to say, he was just as hungry for more as ever. Only a few more years to live and still, he was grasping for more and yet more."

Yes, this man is everywhere. He has lived in every age, he lives today and will live in every age to come; always reaching out for just a little more and missing the true glory and joy of life and the faith that brings eternal life.