Too Polite

In the Book of Proverbs, Solomon declares, Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than an ox in the stall and hatred therewith.

Author John R. Gunn tells us of his experience as a guest in the home of two families - he writes, "I was a visitor in the home of a comparatively wealthy family, not very rich, but beyond just well-to-do. There was no comfort or luxury missing in the home, but there was something missing, I could feel it. Both host and hostess were gracious to me and polite to each other. Then suddenly I realized that this was the trouble - they were too polite for the easy and natural grace of love. Love, the most important thing of all was missing. They had an ox in the stall, but they did not have love and their home was not a happy home.

Soon after, I was guest in another home. This family lived in moderate circumstances. The furnishings were simple, yet in good taste. The husband earned only a fair wage, the wife did her own cooking and laundry, the children could not have everything other children had. They could not afford an ox in the stall, yet I never saw a happier family. There was a free and easy friendliness. Their hospitality to me was warmhearted. I caught their spirit and entered happily into their fellowship and I knew it was a fellowship of love - I could feel it.

The dinner of herbs in this home, with love as the sauce was more enjoyable than the formal dinner in the wealthy home. Such love comes to the home where Christ is Lord."