What is Truth?

Mankind has long sought to know truth.

What is truth? - they asked Socrates and he answered, "Truth is found in philosophy."

What is truth? - they asked Plato and he replied, "Truth is found in a realm of ideas."

What is truth? - they asked Aristotle and he said, "Truth is found in system."

The same question they asked in a convention of the thinking men of our age and one of the most modern scientists said, "Truth is unknowable."

What is truth? - they asked Christ and He boldly asserted, I am the truth.

Author John R. Gunn writes that, "Other teachers must confess their ignorance or point to something outside of themselves in their futile search for truth, but Christ is the truth. He is the truth about God and all providence. He is the truth about all theology and divine grace. He is the truth about life - its meaning, its mission and destiny. Know Christ and you know the truth."

It is not enough to know about Him, that is only head knowledge, you need to know Christ in your heart. A pupil can learn botany better by coming in contact with the flowers than he can by confining his study to books about flowers. In like manner, you can best learn truth, honor, purity and all the noble virtues of good character by coming into contact with these qualities as you find them embodied in Christ.

Then keep close to Him. Live in His presence and meditate upon Him, study Him until you know Him - until you know Him in your heart; until those things that are true and honorable and just and pure and lovely shall become a part of your life.