Unsullied Wings

There is an old and interesting story told about a young roman who was called Marius the Epicurean. The story opens with Marius as a boy leaving home on his way to school. His mother wanted to give him a last word of counsel and so she took him into her room and as the looked across the campagna, she said, "Marius, a white bird, which you are to carry with unsullied wings across a crowded public place - your soul is like that." And that was all she said, but that was quite enough.

A white bird with unsullied wings. Columnist John R. Gunn writes, "That is what your soul is like in the innocency of youth." He continues, "I would say to any young man or woman, 'May God help you to keep it like that. May God help you to carry it across the crowded places of the world with unsullied wings. If you do, you will find yourself thankful on your wedding day. If you have kept your soul clean and unsullied, you will be thankful when come to the sterner duties of life and need the strength of body and the courage of heart which are possible only to those who live pure and clean lives.

Therefore, young people, keep thyself pure. Allow no libertine to beguile you. Nail it as a lie that a young man must sow his wild oats - do not allow your imagination to play with evil thoughts. Keep the purity and innocency of your youth. Be clean - your reward will be priceless.'"