Some people are always in a feverish haste. They go at everything they do in a hurry and flurry. They seem never able to do anything quietly and calmly.

Author John R. Gunn writes that, "There is a passage in Isaiah which says, He that believeth shall not make haste. The Hebrew words which are translated 'make haste' may also be translated 'fuss' - he that believeth shall not fuss.

The meaning is very much as when we speak of a person being a fussbudget. Some people are fussbudgets all the time; they're of a nervous, restless disposition. They become excited, flustered, fretted, busy bodies over the smallest matters. This unfits them for their best work. None of us can do his best work in a feverish, restless state of mind. Nothing hinders more in life than restlessness. It disquiets the mind so that we cannot think clearly; it weakens and unnerves us. There is such a thing as 'haste that makes waste'. The man who accomplishes the most is the quiet, calm man. He does not fume and froth and fuss over what he has to do, but he gets it done all the sooner and all the better."

We can do our best work when we have peace and calmness in our hearts. There is one sure source of such peace and calmness - it is indicated by the phrase, 'He that believeth'. It is the person who has his mind set on God. The Bible says God will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is staid on God. The man whose mind is staid upon God does not become excited and flustered - he has himself under control; he has quietness and peace of God in his soul.