Think Heavenward

Evidently, the ancient poet King David spent a great deal of time gazing into the Heavens and contemplating the handiwork of God. In one of the Psalms he declares, 'O Lord, how great are thy works and thy thoughts are very deep. A brutish man knoweth not neither doth a fool understand this'.

"From such contemplation, there came to him the grandest conceptions of God's works and the greatness of His power",  this from columnist John R. Gunn. "To him it was a blessed and elevating experience to become enwrapped with the thoughts of God; clothed with the splendors and wonders of the universe."

'A brutish man knoweth not...' said David - a brute is a creature of the dust. There are many men who are nothing more than creatures of the dust, living upon the low, creeping level of the unthinking and unaspiring brute and moving only by fleshly desires. Steeped in the dust of materialism, they have apparently become destitute of any high and noble thought.

...'Neither doth a fool understand this', David further declares. The fool does not understand because he has never trained his mind for high thinking. Continually occupying his mind with thoughts of materialistic and vulgar things, he has become incapable of Heavenly and spiritual conceptions. But man is divinely endowed with the capacity for a higher level of thinking than that of the brutish man and the fool.

We sin against our better selves when we neglect to cultivate and develop this capacity. Like the psalmist, we ought to train ourselves to think heavenward and to fill our souls with great thoughts and high aspirations.