Size of a Man's Thinking

Henry Ford was once asked what advice he would give a young man on how to succeed - among other things he said, "I'd tell that boy too that it pays to think big."

Naturalists tell us that there's a certain kind of fish in central Africa which varies in size according to the size of the lake in which it lives. The same species being larger or smaller in proportion to the dimensions of their habitat.

Along this same line, author and commentator John R. Gunn writes that, "Men, likewise, differ in size according to the size of the world of thought in which they live. Men are larger or smaller in proportion to the scale of their habitat of thought. If you know the size of a man's thinking, you know his measure. Small thinking means small men. It takes big thinking to produce big men."

'As a man thinketh, so is he' - Solomon was speaking of man's moral life when he said that, but the principle applies in other directions. What a man thinks determines not only the measure of his moral life, but the measure of his achievements. Of course, big thinking merely indulged in, as an idle dream, never gets one anywhere. Thought must be followed by action to produce results. Men who achieve big things are big thinkers. Mr. Ford himself is an illustration of the fact that it pays, as he says, 'to think big.' If you think only in terms of little things, you will be a little man. If you want to be a big man, you must think big.