Replace Hate with Love

"Of all the dark passions that smite the human soul, hate is the darkest. If you hate another, it hurts you more than the one you hate. Hate will make you nervous, restless, apprehensive; it will react against you physically - it will give you indigestion, it will ruin your health. Hate will poison your soul, it will rob you of all those finer and nobler sentiments that make life worth living. Hate is like a cancer - it will eat your heart out" - that from author and commentator John R. Gunn.

"No wonder the apostle John said, 'He that hateth his brother is in darkness; that he hath blindness in his eyes; that he knoweth not whether he goeth.' Nothing is more blinding than the dark passion of hate. Hate sometimes leads to acts of violence and often to murder. The apostle John wrote further, 'Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer.' The act of murder is an act of hate and the man who hates his brother has the seed of murder already in his heart."

Rider Haggard in his autobiography says, "I have met many men and have seen many lands. I have known many emotions; all of them, I think, except that of hate." The man who can say that has escaped the most deadly of all the evil emotions known to the human soul.

Paul cautioned his friends to 'Put away hatred' and the time to put it away is when it first appears. It'll be too late after it has mastered you and driven you to some desperate deed from which you can never recover. However, it is all but impossible to put away hate unless you have something to put in its place. Put love in its place - love of man and love of God and hate will go.