Mountain Top Experiences

It was on the Mount of Transfiguration that Peter, James and John witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus and beheld His real glory. It was there that these three were permitted to see the visitance from Heaven - Moses and Elijah.

Author John R. Gunn comments, "No wonder Peter exclaimed, 'It is good for us to be here!' No wonder he wanted to build Tabernacles and stay there. But that mount of heavenly vision was not to be their continuing dwelling place - back to the valley they must go to face again its trials and minister to its needs.

Every Christian knows what it is to have the mountaintop experiences. What blessed moments are these in the Christian life, but it is not for us to build tabernacles here and be at ease. At the base of the mount lies the valley summoning us back to toil and trial. The valley means suffering and sorrow, but as we pass into the valley and its shadows, the soul is illumined with the glory of the mount and its radiant light is projected outward and objectified until our tears glisten like diamonds and every cloud that drapes the sky has a golden border.

The valley is where human need is found and there, duty calls us. But as we return to the stern call of duty, we return with renewed hope and courage inspired by the visions seen on the mount. Only for a little while can we stay on the mount of heavenly vision and ecstasy, but we can carry its glory with us back to the valley."