Man in the Mirror

"The man in the mirror - what do you think of him? Do you think he's honest? Do you think he's genuine? Do you think he's clean, that he's good natured? Is he charitable? What about his fair-mindedness? Does he appeal to you; does he invite your confidence? How far would you trust him? How would you like him for a friend? Nevermind what others think of him now, what do you think of him? - this man in the mirror.

Do you really know the person in your mirror? Have you ever taken the time to get acquainted with him?" Author John R. Gunn recommends that you do so - "Just walk right up to him and say, 'I want to know you; I want to know what sort of a man you are. There's some questions I would like to ask you.' Then, go ahead and ask him whatever you like. You can make your questions as searching as you please. You can question him along the lines that I have questioned you about him. Ask him what he believes in, what he lives for. Look him straight in the face while you're doing it. You need not hesitate; you will not regard it as impertinence; you'll not in the least resent it - not from you.

You may not find this man to be all that he ought to be. Perhaps you can give him some friendly advice. Perhaps you can help him to be a better man. Perhaps you can suggest that the time has come for him to find a real purpose in living, by finding a faith in God that will make him a whole man. Sit down with him, just the two of you and have heart to heart talk - just you and the man in the mirror."