Inward Beauty

"Nothing but appearances - that tells about all there is to be told of some people", writes author John R. Gunn, "such people put on a good front; they make a good appearance; they stand well. You naturally think they are worthwhile, but when you look for something real - real character, real purpose - you're disappointed. It just isn't there. Someone said recently, speaking of a woman admired by many for her unusual beauty, 'Her beauty is all there is to her. She is nothing but beauty.'

We admire unspoiled beauty, but vain beauty soon ceases to be attractive. We frequently hear mothers say to their children, 'beauty is as beauty does.' Inward grace and beauty of soul enhance outward charm and attractiveness and make them genuine. Wealth is another misleading measurement of a man; some are nothing but wealth - no character, no culture, no sense of obligation to others - nothing but money and the cheap things money will buy: cheap pleasures, vanity, social position. They have neither learned, as many wealthy persons have, that money can be a blessing to themselves and to others, nor have they learned how to use money for good and for God instead of using it for self and for evil.

We're reminded of the fig tree which appeared to be a fruit bearing tree, but in reality it had nothing but leaves. The normal purpose of both the fig tree and of a man is to bear fruit. To find a fig tree with nothing but leaves is disappointing. It is more than disappointing to find a man or woman whose whole life is expressed in nothing but leaves."