Man's Will

Man was not made to live like an animal - simply to gratify his appetites, instincts and passions. Every man carries within himself a will, which coupled with reason, can raise him above the animal plane of existence. When to will and reason are added the spiritual force of faith in God, man comes in contact with the exhaustless power of God.

The Holy Spirit works ceaslessly within man to turn his soul upward, but it takes an act of man's will; his deliberate response of faith in God to choose the best for himself. If he wills to do it, by the grace and help of God, man may turn every factor in his nature into a power that will lift him up. Every temptation can become a triumph, every evil a blessing, every baffling circumstance a 'be' attitude.

Author John R. Gunn writes that, "Man meets temptations and difficulties of every sort, but with God's power and his own will to follow God, man can overcome each difficulty. Hate becomes love, weakness turns to strength, sin to holiness and the mystery of death into the mystery of eternal life. How you live then depends on how you will to live. If you will to live for God's glory, you can do so and God will make your life glorious in the process.

The will of man, energized by the spirit of God, is the most lordly thing in all God's creation. This is what God intended man to be and when, through God's grace, man breaks the shackles of sin that bind him, it is what man can become. The infinite grace and love and power of God are at your disposal to achieve great things. Simply choose to do the will of God and He will do great things through you."