Business of Life

The framers of the Constitution provided for a cabinet to be advisors to the President of the nation. They recognize that it would be beyond the ability and wisdom of any man to conduct the affairs of the government without counsel. For the conduct of most business enterprises and institutions of every kind, similar provisions are made for executive committees and boards of directors to advise their governing heads. No man is considered sufficient unto himself for carrying on such undertakings - no matter how capable and wise he may be.

Author John R. Gunn writes that, "Greater than all other enterprises is the business of life. Here, as elsewhere, none of us is so all knowing and all wise that he does not need the counsel of others. Although it is well that we should think for ourselves, it is not safe to be too secure in our own wisdom and judgment. There may be a situation in which you are so closely involved as to cause your opinion and decision to be prejudiced. At such a time it would be well to seek the unbiased counsel of one whose wisdom and judgment you respect.

For our safety and the success of our purposes in life and business, all of us - old and young alike - need the benefit of a multitude of counsellors. You will find this multitude in the Bible. Here, men and women of many centuries will teach you the errors which are fatal and the choices which are right. They and this marvelous book all point to the ultimate source of wisdom and counsel, our loving God and Father - turn to Him in prayer."