God's Guidance

Each airport has a certain radio beam that guides pilots. When the pilot's radio is working properly, he can pick up that beam and fly straight to the field regardless of clouds or the darkness of the night.

Columnist John R. Gunn writes that, "God has given each one of us a heart, which can pick up the beam of His guidance, if we keep tuned to Him. If we listen to the sound of His voice, we can fly our plane of life safely and not get lost amid the storms and fogs of the world, but there are certain factors which may cause us to lose His voice. We may give our time and thought to material things and fail to give consideration to spiritual things. We may become so busy with daily duties that we have no time for daily prayers. Our reading time may be so taken up with the newspapers and magazines that no time is left for reading the Bible. We may feel that we are sufficient to ourselves; that we can manage with our own strength and resources. We may be unwilling to ask God for help and guidance - how foolish we are in all this.

'In silence, listen to me' - this is ever the word of God to men. God is ever calling us to be silent before Him; to keep our hearts tuned so that we may hear His voice and be guided safely home. We should thank God for His voice that sounds above the discordant noises of the world and ask Him to grant us a daily sense of His leading; that whereever our path my lie, it may be the way of His will and of His companionship. Teach us O God to steer our course on the beam of thy voice and thy truth."