A New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve - tradition has made it the day of the new chance; the good resolution. The chance for new things, perhaps even a new life; to plan anew.

What do you propose for the New Year? A better life? A kinder word? A greater effort? Or more of the same old you?

What will be the improvements? New Year's Day is a grand chance, but it isn't the only chance to plan to do better - any day will do for planning a better life. Just as a wise merchant takes inventory of his stock, at least once a year, so should every person take stock of himself. Take a close look at your personal trouble spots; ask yourself some questions - Do I get mad too easily? Should I help people more? Do I have a sure and sustaining faith in God? And does that faith show itself in the way I live; in the way I act toward all God's children? Do I give an honest day's work for my wage? Do I honor my parents and show my love to my husband or wife? Am I selfish or selfless?

These are the searching questions we should ask, even though we may dislike the answers. And when we admit the sad truth about ourselves, how can we make resolutions that will stick a day, much less a year? It is here that God's help is the only answer and your faith in Him, through what He is doing for you through Jesus Christ; you can live a better life. This is the way to make your New Year just that - a year that is fresh and new and a starting all over again.