Routine Life

Most of us live our lives through with little change. From year to year we move around in the same circuit - live in the same house, go to the same places, mingle with the same friends, work at the same tasks and go through pretty much the same experiences. We have little knowledge of the novel or the adventurous. The same old story sums up our life from year to year.

Nineteen sixty-four has passed - today, January 1st, nineteen sixty-five begins a new year. For some of us, the new year will doubtless contain changes; new experiences perhaps or new scenes and new faces, but barring the change of death, we know that for most of us the new year will contain little out of the ordinary. It will mean only another go around of the same circuit we have been following for years past.

Along this line, columnist John R. Gunn writes, "Such a routine life is not to be despised. The world owes much to its routine people. Indeed, these routine people doing the same things day after day and year after year, do most of the world's work and that part of the work which is most essential to human well-being and happiness. Let not, therefore, those of us whose destiny it is to move in the same circuit year after year become weary of the monotonous trudge or feel that our life is not worthwhile.

Perhaps the new year does not promise any great advancement in position or fame. Perhaps we can see nothing ahead but the same old round we have trod for years, but let us face it with the high resolve to make it the best of all our years - to put into our common tasks an uncommon devotion and to make our commonplace days radiant with an uncommonplace life. With God's help, it can be so."