The Rev. Sid Burgess

Denomination: Presbyterian Church (USA) (PCUSA)
Organization: Edgewood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL

The Rev. Sid Burgess is pastor of Edgewood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL.

Some 'old timers' still remember Rev. Burgess from his time as a local TV announcer. He likes to tell about the time a woman asked him, "Didn't you used to be Sid Burgess?" Fact is, the "old" Sid Burgess is a veteran of 20 years of radio, TV, and cable TV in the Birmingham area.

But in 1986, he began a spiritual pilgrimage that ultimately led him to reclaim the sacred calling of his youth: the ministry of Word and sacrament. Sid continued his sojourn at the Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA, where he graduated with a Master of Divinity degree in 1990.

He was called as pastor of Edgewood Presbyterian Church on November 1, 1990.

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Question Time

Sunday December 31, 2000

Advent Detour

Sunday December 03, 2000

Running on Empty, Arriving on Full

Thursday November 02, 2000

Bama Bubba

Sunday October 08, 2000
The Rev. Sid Burgess explores St. Paul's declaration that there is now no condemnation for us in Christ Jesus.