Mr. Dayton Edmonds

Denomination: United Methodist Church (UMC)
Organization: United Methodist Church

From the southern summer dance grounds of Oklahoma to the wildlife refuges of the snowy northwest; from stories of ancestral circuits and stories of the present-day struggles, Dayton Edmonds, a full-blooded Native American of the Caddo nation, has developed a fine diverse ministry, lifestyle and artistry.

Dayton is a commissioned United Methodist missionary, now retired. For 25 years he served as a professional community developer living in Southern Oregon and North Central Washington. He works ecumenically nationwide with church congregations, educational institutions, camps, community groups, libraries and others, using storytelling, puppetry, clowning, positive imaging and other skills to teach sensitivity and awareness. Dayton's art forms--drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking--blend with his storytelling abilities, and help him weave thought-provoking pictures for the mind's eye. Dayton has studied the lessons of nature as his grandparents taught him, and learned his philosophy from the inherited trials, wisdom and humor of native peoples.

His formal schooling includes music education in Jacksonville, Texas; business education in San Francisco, California; and theater and art education and internship in Ashland, Oregon. He draws his expertise from both an intrinsic understanding of the old values, customs and stories which comprise the collective memories of his culture; and the experiences of his past and present work. His lifestyle and daily work immerse him in community life and affairs, helping children, youth, elders, women, families, and people of color.

Steeped in traditions of countless generations of Caddo people, as well as two generations of traditions of the people called United Methodist, Dayton's stories, work, and lifestyle serve as a medium for fusing this country's important cultures and views.

Dayton says about his specialty, "My purpose is to tell the story, to pass it on so that others may hear, see, feel and enjoy. As a storyteller, I strive to give a voice to the voiceless. As an artist, I seek to give a perspective from a different part of life's circle. The stories I tell and the artwork I create are to gently challenge people to grow."

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