The Rev. Sheila C. Gustafson

Denomination: Presbyterian Church (USA) (PCUSA)
Organization: First Presbyterian Church of Santa Fe, NM

The Rev. Sheila Gustafson is retired as senior pastor and head of staff at First Presbyterian Church of Santa Fe, NM.

A founding Director of the Covenant Network, she is a noted preacher; her sermons have been published in Renewing the Vision and Preach for Peace. Dr. Gustafson graduated from United Theological Seminary, was ordained in 1977, and has served churches in Minnesota and Wisconsin before moving to Santa Fe.

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How Can These Things Be?

Sunday May 26, 1996

The Grief and the Glory

Sunday March 24, 1996
Rev. Sheila Gustafson calls the Christian community visible in the church to act with Jesus in loosing people from the past and help them to claim the freedom of a new life in Christ.

Snake Bite

Sunday February 25, 1996
Rev. Sheila Gustafson assures us that in life's most perplexing and troublesome moments we are to trust only in God of grace, power and comasstion to lead in right paths.