The Rev. Dr. Sam Matthews

Denomination: United Methodist Church (UMC)
Organization: First United Methodist Church, Marietta, GA

The Rev. Dr. Sam Matthews is senior pastor of First United Methodist Church in Marietta, GA.

He is a native Georgian and a graduate of Piedmont College, Emory University (M. Div.), and the Columbia Theological Seminary (D. Min.).

He spends his free time reading and writing. He is an avid golfer and a reluctant gardener. He has been a regular columnist for The Wesleyan Christian Advocate, the newspaper of Georgia Methodism, and devoted time to the well-being of disenfranchised children and youth.

He and his wife Bobbi enjoy three adult sons and one grandson.

In one of those mid-life surprises that sometimes come along, Dr. Matthews learned recently that he was named indirectly for the great Methodist evangelist, Sam P. Jones, and has been working long hours now to live up to the challenge.

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A Tough Call on Humility

Tuesday August 27, 2013
In his sermon on Luke 14:1,7-14, Dr. Sam Matthews explores Jesus' teaching on humility, noting that in humility there is obedience, and obedience is its own reward. The hard part, he says, is figuring out to whom we are to be humble, whom we are called to serve.

Then How Do We Live?

Sunday August 05, 2007
The Rev. Dr. Sam Matthews reminds us that the quality of life isn't in the things we amass, but in our connection to the God who made us, and to the world around us, always in the assurance that the God of creation is still creating.

Teach Us to Pray

Sunday July 29, 2007
The Rev. Dr. Sam Matthews tells us that persistent prayer is virtuous  when it seeks the mind and heart and spirit of God and  reminds us that we are called to sincere prayers in the midst of the Church body.

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Day 1 Podcast Extra- Matthews

Wednesday August 08, 2007
In this Day One Podcast Extra, The Rev. Dr. Sam Matthews, pastor of First United Methodist Church in Marietta, GA, shares his personal insights and experiences