Rick Ufford-Chase

Denomination: Presbyterian Church (USA) (PCUSA)

Rick Ufford-Chase is the Executive Director of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, an organization that has a sixty year history of supporting Presbyterians who take bold action for the cause of peace. Rick has worked on the US/Mexico border for twenty years where he founded and directed BorderLinks and worked in a variety of efforts to support migrants and refugees in the borderlands. He and his wife, Kitty, are reservists with Christian Peacemaker Teams, and they continue to live on the border and volunteer with to create humane border and migration policy.

Rick served the Presbyterian Church as the Moderator of the 216th General Assembly, the church's highest elected office, from 2004 -2006. As a result, he continues to work with Presbyterian congregations to support their efforts to engage in mission with partners around the world, to become effective multi-cultural communities of faith, to move their members into active peacemaking efforts, and to develop leadership for the next generation of church.

Rick and Kitty have a son, Teo, born in 1995 and they live in an intentional community in Tucson, AZ.


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Following Luke's Jesus in a Time of Fear - Rick Ufford-Chase on 30 Good Minutes

Monday November 16, 2009
Rick Ufford-Chase, Executive Director of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, talks about what it means for a Christian to follow Jesus, even in times of fear.

Conversation with Rick Ufford-Chase - 30 Good Minutes Interview

Monday November 16, 2009
Hosts Daniel Pawlus and Lillian Daniel in conversation with Rick Ufford-Chase, who say, "I've had a deeply spiritual experience of my own faith as I've worked with Central American and Mexican migrants and refugees who have taught me what it means to truly trust that God is involved in every step of our lives.