Dr. Alexander J. Shaia

Denomination: Other


Dr. Alexander J. Shaia is a pastoral theologian, spiritual director, liturgist, psychologist, and author of "The Hidden Power of the Gospels: Four Questions, Four Paths, One Journey" (HarperOne, February 2010).  The book offers a fresh, unrecognized narrative on the gospels based on two premises: an examination of the spiritual dilemma of the original communities for which the gospels were written, and the larger story of spiritual practice that is told when the four texts are read in the sequence of the Sunday lectionary, both RCL and Roman. 

Dr. Shaia believes there are four questions, each associated with a particular gospel, in the pattern of the spiritual journey:

How do we face change?  Gospel of Matthew (Year A)

How do we move through trials/suffering? Gospel of Mark (Year B)

How do we receive joy? Gospel of John (Lent to Pentecost - each year)

How do we mature in service? Luke/Acts.  (Year C)

Dr. Shaia has led conferences for clergy in some fifteen denominations, across four continents.  He is passionate about helping ministers see how preaching can be spiritual formation and how liturgy and the church year can be a means to whole community transformation.  As he says, "The Sunday lectionary cycle, worship, the cycle of feasts over the church year are a seamless narrative of the ever repeating journey we walk in and with Jesus the Christ toward spiritual growth, transformation and maturity.”