The Rev. Dr. Timothy Smith

Denomination: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
Organization: Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Atlanta, GA

The Rev. Dr. Timothy M. Smith is senior pastor of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Atlanta, GA.

Before coming to Redeemer in early 2010, he was senior pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Boone, NC, and has also served churches in Newton, NC, and Hanover, PA. 

Tim is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and earned a master of divinity degree from Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, PA, and a doctor of ministry degree from Drew University Theological School in Madison, NJ.

Day1 Weekly Programs by The Rev. Dr. Timothy Smith

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Last Words

Tuesday May 05, 2015
Jesus' last words to his disciples were full of love. Dr. Tim Smith asks, what is it that matters, when all else--including life itself--is said and done? What is the most compelling, most powerful, most enduring force in all of the cosmos? It is love.

Living Bread

Tuesday August 14, 2012
In his sermon on Jesus the Living Bread (John 6:51-58), the Rev. Dr. Tim Smith shares an experience he had in a Liberian village which taught him a lesson about living our faith fearlessly.

Don't Just Do Something--Sit There!

Tuesday March 01, 2011
The Rev. Dr. Tim Smith shares some lessons from Peter's response on the mount of Transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-9)--namely, that sometimes we need to stop DOING and start simply BEING.

Video by The Rev. Dr. Timothy Smith

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Who Am I? - The Rev. Dr. Tim Smith

Monday June 10, 2013
The Rev. Dr. Tim Smith talks to us about our unique identities, and from whom they come.

The Rev. Dr. Timothy Smith - Day1 Conversations with Peter Wallace

Tuesday April 05, 2011
The Rev. Dr. Timothy Smith, Senior Pastor of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer here in Atlanta, sits down for a conversation on the importance of understanding the rest of the world to understand the gospels and the work of Redeemer Lutheran. Join us for a conversation and a message of faith!