Doug Pagitt

Organization: Solomon's Porch, Minneapolis, MN

Doug Pagitt is the founder of Solomon's Porch, a holistic missional Christian community in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and one of the pioneering leaders of Emergent Village, a social network of Christians around the world.

He is also cofounder of an event and social media company, Social-phonics, and author of a number of groundbreaking books: A Christianity Worth Believing, Church Re-Imagined, Preaching Re-Imagined, and BodyPrayer. His latest book is Church in the Inventive Age.

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Doug Pagitt: Church in the Inventive Age

Thursday March 03, 2011
In this excerpt from his new book, Church in the Inventive Age, Doug Pagitt examines the cultural change of this age, and how churches can best take part in it.