Pamela Czarnota

Denomination: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)

Pamela Czarnota is an ELCA Associate in Ministry, focusing in Spiritual Direction and Formation. Called to Christ the Redeemer ELCA in Brecksville, Ohio, she works in the area of Adult Faith Formation.

She also has served on the Ohio Multi-Synod Candidacy Committee and currently is a member of the Northeastern Ohio Synod Congregational Resource Team. As a team member, she works with congregations to learn about Bowen Family Systems Theory as it applies to congregational life. Pamela served as spiritual director for the First Call Theological Education Conferences (2005 and 2008) convened by the ELCA Division of Vocation and Education.

Pamela also serves the church as a conference speaker, retreat leader, spiritual director (for lay people and rostered) and writer.

Pamela's mission statement: I seek to serve as midwife to the truth that is being born as people pay attention to God's movement in their lives. The extraordinary is always present in ordinary life, and we are always being led by the Holy Spirit to ways that will glorify God and empower us to serve other in Christ's Name.


Articles by Pamela Czarnota

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Dead End Grace

Tuesday April 05, 2011
What can you do when you face a dead end in the flow of creative, vigorous ministry? Faced with the end of a known path, how do you discover where to aim the next step?

What about the donkey?

Tuesday April 05, 2011
Our humblest actions may be the place where our life intersects with eternity.

Jesus' Intimacy

Tuesday April 05, 2011
In a time and place when we are told that we must attend to boundary issues, Jesus says, "Now and then, simply get over it!"

Recognizing Christ

Tuesday April 05, 2011
Contrary to what the knowledge of the world would proclaim, Christ is not a memory or a metaphor. Christ is a real presence here in 2011. Our daily mission is to recognize Him and introduce others to Him.


Tuesday April 05, 2011
Our behavior and demeanor now will take a place in the chronicle of human history that will inform and instruct our children's children. What will the next generations see as the dominant trend of human expression when they look at the people of this day?

Didn't Our Hearts Burn?

Tuesday April 05, 2011
When a pastor's heart begins to burn, it is good to notice what is being transformed within before rushing home to speak words of transformation to others.

The Day After Pentecost

Tuesday April 05, 2011
We can't strategize or choreograph Pentecost moments. We can only be open to them, saying, "Come, Holy Spirit!"

Watch the Wind!

Tuesday April 05, 2011
The winds of change are blowing through the church of Jesus Christ? What helps us hold our missional course, especially when we enter uncharted water?

Irritating Treasures

Tuesday April 05, 2011
Pearls are formed where an irritant has entered the mollusk's inner space. Can the places or people who prick and annoy us be the beginning of "pearls of great value"?

Boasting and brooding

Tuesday April 05, 2011
Whether plans soar or balloons fall like lead, Christ's power has the final say.

The Binding Force of Grudges

Tuesday April 05, 2011
How does the process of forgiveness unfold? What gets in the way of the process? When does an inability to forgive sprout from our choice to hold a grudge? The more we hang on to a grudge the more it holds on to us and everything we do, think or say.

Finding our direction

Tuesday April 05, 2011
I find it. I lose it. I seek it. I find it. (again, and again and again!)

Encourage One Another

Tuesday April 05, 2011
It is time! Whatever is stirring, whatever is about to be born, we don't need to be in labor in isolation.

Why do we do this?

Tuesday April 05, 2011
Have you noticed that Advent is countercultural? Why do we do this, anyway?

Last Minute Opportunity

Tuesday April 05, 2011
Will today's last minute challenges become last minute opportunities?

Got Drama?

Tuesday April 05, 2011
What can we learn from the Holy Family about the way things work?

Prayer: A mysterious essential

Tuesday April 05, 2011
How do you pray? When do you pray? How does your prayer life affect your leadership? How do you encourage your flock to pray?

How do you wish to be healed?

Tuesday April 05, 2011
Deep healing transforms us. Although we may be broken and wounded daily, our yearning for healing opens the possibility for radically new relationships with others.

Kyrie Eleison

Tuesday April 05, 2011
Before the blaming and the investigation goes any farther the Christian Community can invoke God's Mercy and proclaim hope.

Always Being Made New

Tuesday April 05, 2011
God's call is ongoing. God is always on the move, always creating and shaping. God is a God of surprises -- and the ELCA was surprised at our 2013 Churchwide Assembly.