The Rev. Joe Evans

Denomination: Presbyterian Church (USA) (PCUSA)
Organization: First Presbyterian Church, Marietta, GA

The Rev. Joe Evans is the senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Marietta, GA.

He is a native of Georgia, baptized at Morningside Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, confirmed and nurtured by First Presbyterian Church of Marietta, graduate of Presbyterian College where he earned a B.A. in religion, and Columbia Theological Seminary where he was nominated for the "David HC Reed preacher/scholar award." He was ordained into the office of Minister of Word and Sacrament at First Presbyterian Church, Marietta GA in March of 2007. After ordination Rev. Evans served Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Lilburn, GA as Associate Pastor of Mission and Outreach, and as Interim Pastor. Before coming to Marietta, he was senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Columbia, TN.

Rev. Evans has served as editor of Lectionary Homiletics journal since 2005, and has contributed to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Journal for Preachers, The Silver Cross, as well as Lectionary Homiletics, and has been the guest preacher on Day1, a nationally syndicated radio show (formerly known as The Protestant Hour).

Rev. Evans and his wife Sara are live in Marietta with their daughters Lily and Cecelia.


Day1 Weekly Programs by The Rev. Joe Evans

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Joe Evans: Faith Alone

Tuesday June 20, 2023
Joe Evans says we live by faith, not out of a place of fear, wondering where we will go when we die. We do it because God loves us and shows us how to live by sharing his love.

Joe Evans: Too Light a Thing

Tuesday May 31, 2022
The Rev. Joe Evans says on Pentecost, the Spirit gave the disciples the words - words that the world could understand, which is absolutely a miracle that our society needs today. What Pentecost reminds us of is that real communication requires love.

Joe Evans: The Next Book

Tuesday May 24, 2022
In the midst your graduation celebration, the Rev. Joe Evans says, give thanks to God and don't be afraid. Keep walking. And remember always who you are--you are God's own with a new chapter just beginning.

Joe Evans: Braid the Whip

Tuesday March 02, 2021
The Rev. Joe Evans examines Jesus' anger in John 2:13-22, and says we can get angry too, but we need to stop and listen to our anger for it to do us or our world any good. We have to braid the whip and let that anger purify us.

Joe Evans: Divine Things and Human Things

Tuesday February 23, 2021
The Rev. Joe Evans says, We all ask, who am I? What am I here for? And sometimes probably too often, we ask ourselves, shouldn’t I be doing something more? Jesus can help us wrestle with those questions for a more meaningful life focused on divine things rather than human things.

Joe Evans: Where Were You?

Tuesday October 16, 2018
The Rev. Joe Evans says God’s response to Job’s questions about the multiple tragedies in his life is truly beautiful but a bit frustrating, and yet it does help us put our lives into proper perspective. In the chaos that we face, the victimization, the sadness, the despair, and the heartache, God says, "Just as I tamed the sea, so I will bring order to your life once more.”

Joe Evans: When Israel Was a Child

Tuesday October 09, 2018
The Rev. Joe Evans says that Hosea the prophet showed in his life, in his marriage to the prostitute Gomer, how God is related to each of us--and committed to us. Even if we’ve forgotten who we ever were and have walked so far away from the light that we can’t see our way back home, God still remembers us and loves us. That is the hope each one of us can cling to.

Joe Evans: More Than a Moral Lesson

Tuesday July 11, 2017
We Christians know all about stories with morals, says the Rev. Joe Evans. But the story in Genesis 25 messes that up. Neither Esau nor Jacob is blameless. But the real lesson they give us is that we, like they, do not belong to our pasts, our great failures, our tragic disappointments, or foolhardy choices. For we belong to Christ.

Joe Evans: The Invitation

Tuesday July 04, 2017
There is a major difference between the two men described in 2 Samuel 11 and Song of Solomon 2: the gallant young lover, and King David, who uses his power in evil ways. Love is initiated by an invitation, an offer that in the hands of the invitee is a choice. It's risky, but that's how it's supposed to work.

We Do Not Know How to Pray

Tuesday July 22, 2014
The Rev. Joe Evans explores Paul's teaching in Romans 8 and encourages us to consider prayer as the act of giving up on our will and trusting in God's, of relinquishing our limited power while placing all our hope in God's ultimate power.

Pacing in the Waiting Room

Tuesday July 15, 2014
The Rev. Joe Evans explores Paul's teaching in Romans 8, revealing that the pain of giving birth is a divine image to explain how God is at work in the world as we draw closer to the fulfillment of Christ's promises. Despite the pain, we most focus not on what we think is important, but on the glory that will be revealed in us.

Spared the Ax

Tuesday February 26, 2013
As we continue in the season of Lent, the Rev. Joe Evans explores Jesus' admonition in Luke 13 to repent or perish, as well as his story of the unproductive fig tree. If we've been spared the ax as well, what will we do with today?

The Fox Is in the Henhouse

Tuesday February 19, 2013
In his message for the 2nd Sunday in Lent, the Rev. Joe Evans notes that as people of faith in a culture of fear, we must talk about ruth in a world of misstatements, and talk about real love in a world of pleasure and pleasing.

It's Coming

Tuesday July 12, 2011
Our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us, Paul says. We are the resurrection people, and we have a reason to hope.

The Sower's Lesson

Tuesday July 05, 2011
The goal of the sower in Jesus' parable (Matthew 13) was simply to sow seed, and to many he seems careless and wasteful. As followers of Christ, how are we sowing the seeds of our faith?