Wild Goose Festival

What  is The Wild Goose Festival?

The Wild Goose Festival is a music, art and conversation festival at the intersection of justice and spirituality. It is rooted in the Christian tradition seeking to welcome all regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, background or belief.

Why  Wild Goose?

In the Celtic Church the image of the Wild Goose has long been held as a symbol for the wild, unpredictable, and untamable nature of the Holy Spirit.

The Wild Goose Festival, in adopting the image of the goose, recognizes that  MYSTERY  is at the heart of the experience of all peoples of faith. It also recognizes that in the face of social, political, or religious conflict mystery is often first to be sacrificed for the sake of security and control.

The Wild Goose Festival believes that in the current climate of social and political cynicism, embracing the mystery of the spirit is perhaps our greatest tool for re-building and strengthening relationships between human beings, and between human beings and the divine. In that spirit Wild Goose seeks to create a safe and respectful space for contentious conversations in a fun and festive setting in an atmosphere open and welcoming to all.

Who  would go to The Wild Goose Festival?

People who like to have FUN! The Wild Goose Festival is not just about relevant topics and probing conversation. The Wild Goose Festival offers a truly remarkable lineup of musicians, artists, speakers, performers and events all in a beautiful camp-like setting in rural North Carolina. During the festival weekend you will have the opportunity to attend talks by some of America's most respected and engaging speakers, listen to incredible music, sample some of North Carolina's famous food, take part in an art class, or just make smores around the fire with family and friends. Whether you are single and in college, a family on a summer vacation, or a retired couple exploring the world, there is something for everyone. The Wild Goose Festival is a pairing of the fun and joy that comes from great relationships and the keen insight and engaged conversations of people who truly desire to transform their world.

When  is The Wild Goose Festival?

June 23-26 2011

Where  is The Wild Goose Festival?

The first Wild Goose Festival is being held at a beautiful farm outside Pittsboro, North Carolina called Shakori Hills. Shakori Hills is approximately one hour from Durham, North Carolina in some of the most beautiful farm country America has to offer.

How  do I get to The Wild Goose Festival?

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Articles by Wild Goose Festival

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Wild Goose Festival: What's It All About?

Monday April 25, 2011
We’re gathering at the intersection of justice, spirituality and art with the firm intention of becoming a unique and significant space promoting social change in the US and elsewhere.

Wild Goose Festival: Naked Emperors, Undead Christians & Seedling Signs

Monday April 25, 2011
What does it take to build an authentic and substantial social and spiritual movement in the 21st century? We love it when friends “get” what we’re about, and want to work with us to accomplish precisely this.

Wild Goose Festival: Spiritual But Not Religious: Anne Rice, Christianity & Wild Goose Culture

Monday April 25, 2011
The biggest dividing point between people of faith today is not liberal versus conservative – it’s SBNR (spiritual-but-not-religious) versus the happily-religious (who are also, we presume, spiritual too). But need this be a dividing line?

Gareth Higgins: Real Peace in Our Time

Monday April 25, 2011
Books have been written on the role that ordinary people like us can play in shaping political processes that reduce violence\*, but in the simplest terms, what I want to say about the potential lessons from northern Ireland for the US at this point in her precarious history is this: You have to get to the negotiating table now.

Justice, Spirituality & the Arts: Wild Goose Festival

Monday April 25, 2011
Odyssey Networks offers a video report on the recent Wild Goose Festival in NC, with Brian McLaren, Phyllis Tickle, Tony Campolo, Jay Bakker, and more.

Wild Goose Festival: Voices of the Emerging Church

Monday April 25, 2011
Organizers of the Wild Goose Festival, held last month in North Carolina, identify with the Emerging Church, a movement described by some scholars as the biggest shift in Christianity since the Reformation.

Wild Goose Festival: Speaking Out on Faith & Sexuality

Monday April 25, 2011
People of faith and spirituality have long grappled with issues surrounding sexuality. At the recent Wild Goose Festival, speakers discussed the Emerging Church's attitude toward the LGBTQ community.

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Mike Morrell - Day1 Conversations with Peter Wallace

Monday April 25, 2011
Mike Morrell, coordinator for the upcoming Wild Goose Festival, sits down with Peter Wallace to discuss the spirit of the festival and what the hopes are for its success. Learn more at [WildGooseFestival.org](http://www.WildGooseFestival.org)!