The Rev. Dr. Robert LaRochelle

Denomination: United Church of Christ (UCC)

Rev. Dr. Robert R. LaRochelle is pastor of the Congregational Church of Union, Connecticut, UCC. He also serves as a counselor at South Windsor High School where he has also served as Varsity Baseball Coach.

Bob has worked in education for thirty five years. He is a former Roman Catholic Permanent Deacon and also served as a Diocesan official in the area of Adolescent Religious Education.

He has done extensive writing and speaking in the area of part time and bivocational ministry. His written work includes his recent book, Part Time Pastor, Full Time Church (Pilgrim Press, 2010) and articles in The Living Pulpit, Still Speaking, Sharing the Practice and Congregations. He holds degrees in Religious Studies, Religious Education and in Counseling as well as the Doctor of Ministry in Preaching from Chicago Theological Seminary.

Articles by The Rev. Dr. Robert LaRochelle

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Dr. Robert LaRochelle: Preaching and Conversation: Can They Be Integrated During Worship?

Saturday February 16, 2013
In a few weeks, my new book So Much Older Then (Energion Publications) will be released. While I did my doctoral work in the area of preaching, this is the first time I have attempted a book on this topic. In it, I reflect upon an approach to preaching I have used upon occasion in my local congregation.

Dr. Robert LaRochelle: An Ecumenical Center: What Protestants and Catholics Share In Common

Monday June 25, 2012
In the final post based on his new book, Dr. Robert LaRochelle writes, One of the main points I attempt to make in my book Crossing the Street is a simple one: In spite of a turbulent and tumultuous history, Roman Catholics and Protestants share a common core of Christian faith. This core is something that must be affirmed and built upon.

Dr. Robert LaRochelle: Catholics and Protestants: Understanding One Another

Monday June 18, 2012
In part 2 of his series based on his book, Crossing the Street, Bob LaRochelle says that for many reasons, it is important that Roman Catholics and Protestants come to a deeper understanding both of their own ”˜tradition of origin’ as well as other Christian traditions.

Dr. Robert LaRochelle: A Conversation Between Protestants and Catholics

Saturday June 09, 2012
One of the primary purposes in writing my recent book Crossing the Street was to rekindle ecumenical conversations between Protestants and Catholics.

Dr. Robert LaRochelle: Practical Advice for Making Part-Time Ministry Work

Tuesday July 05, 2011
In the third excerpt from his book "Part Time Pastor, Full Time Church," the Rev. Dr. Robert LaRochelle offers part-time ministers some practical guidance.

Dr. Robert LaRochelle: Reinterpreting Roles Within the "Part-Time Church"

Tuesday June 28, 2011
What is the relationship between the full time work of the local church and the actual job description of its pastor? This fundamental question is based on something even more basic: Do we REALLY embrace the concept of the priesthood of all believers?

Dr. Robert LaRochelle: Always a Full-Time Church

Tuesday June 21, 2011
My recent book, Part Time Pastor, Full Time Church, is based upon the reality that, due to a variety of factors, a growing number of mainline churches in our country are moving to ”˜part time”˜ pastors.