The Rev. Mary Brown

Denomination: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
Organization: Odyssey Networks

The Rev. Pastor Mary M. Brown serves as Director for Philanthropy and a Web Content & Development Consultant at the interfaith media organization, Odyssey Networks, in Manhattan, NY.

A Lutheran pastor with twenty years of ministry experience, Brown served in two large congregations in Minneapolis, MN, Mount Olivet Lutheran Church and Calvary Lutheran Church of Golden Valley, before taking a pastoral call to serve as Associate Director of Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary in St. Paul. A member of the creative team that launched the website, Brown is most proud of her leadership in adding Spanish lectionary commentary to the site.

One of three sisters who are ELCA pastors, Brown deeply appreciates studying the Bible and making practical connections between the Word and world in which we live. 

Brown earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota, and a master of divinity from Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota. She shares her time between her home in Eden Prairie, MN, with her husband and daughter, and an apartment in Manhattan where she enjoys Riverside Park on a daily basis.

Articles by The Rev. Mary Brown

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Mary Brown: Beyond Traditional and Contemporary: Worship for a Global Church

Sunday June 10, 2012
Pastor Mary Brown offers fresh insights on the state of worship today in light of our global community: "Singing the song of our neighbor is not a token kind of thing," says Lange. "It should be an exercise into getting to know who the neighbor is. Why do they sing this song? And how will it open up our vision of God's kingdom?"

Pastor Mary Brown: The Problem with Preaching

Wednesday July 20, 2011
A Lilly-endowed study of more than 10,000 Christian laypeople revealed that while 78 percent of them have never discussed a sermon with their preacher, church members do have strong opinions and deep hopes for their pastor's preaching.