Frank Schaeffer

FRANK SCHAEFFER is a New York Times bestselling author of more than a dozen books, including Crazy for God: How I Grew Up As One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back.

Frank's three semi-biographical novels about growing up in a fundamentalist mission, Portofino, Zermatt, and Saving Grandma, have a worldwide following and have been translated into nine languages.

Jane Smiley writing in the Washington Post says of Frank's memoirs, "As someone who has made redemption his work, he has, in fact, shown amazing grace."

Frank has spoken at a wide range of venues from Harvard's Kennedy School to the Hammer Museum for UCLA, Princeton University, Riverside Church Cathedral, Kansas City Public Library and many other colleges and locations.

He is a frequent guest on the Rachel Maddow Show on NBC, has appeared on Oprah, been interviewed by Terri Gross on NPR's "Fresh Air" and appeared on the "Today Show."

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Frank Schaeffer: Mainline Denominations Can Have a Bright Future If They Want One

Thursday March 15, 2012
Most of the bright young students I talk to think that the word "Christian" means evangelical/fundamentalist. They are barely aware of any alternatives. I don't get it. Where is everyone? Why is the “emergent” evangelical church reinventing a wheel that’s been around for centuries? And why aren’t the mainline churches letting us know they are there?

Chris Yaw Interviews Frank Schaeffer: Identifying with Your Brokenness Strengthens the Church

Thursday March 15, 2012
He left Christendom, but kept Christ. And Frank Schaffer, a one-time leader in the Religious Right movement has much to say about what he’s learned along the way, especially regarding the importance of identifying with our brokenness so that Christ may be exalted. Watch Chris Yaw of interview him.

Frank Schaeffer: Wild Goose Heaven Our Answer to Hate

Thursday March 15, 2012
The second Wild Goose Festival has just ended. I left a piece of my heart in the hills of North Carolina.

Frank Schaeffer: The Deadly Cost of Worshiping the Bible Instead of God

Thursday March 15, 2012
Anything that leads to murder should raise doubts about its legitimacy when put in service of so-called spiritual truth. That killing was done "for God" and yet didn't lead to a complete re-think about the theological "approach" to a relationship with God is simply insane. Yet this madness persists today.

Darkwood Brew: Prophetically Incorrect, Part 1: Selling the Righteous

Thursday March 15, 2012
What does an Eighth-Century Jewish shepherd have to say about the economic bubble, predatory lenders and politics as usual? Join series host Rev. Eric Elnes, Ph.D. and Frank Schaeffer for part 1 of “Prophetically Incorrect: Amos and the Art of Uncomfortable Truth.”

Frank Schaeffer: Where Is God When We're In Pain?

Thursday March 15, 2012
Where is God when a child is shot in Newtown or hung in Auschwitz or killed in an American drone air strike or for that matter dies of cancer? I don't know. There is no answer.

Frank Schaeffer: The Churches in America Present a 'God' Who Is Un-Christlike

Thursday March 15, 2012
"The Christian God has been twisted into something not unlike that of radical Islam." So says Brad Jersak. Brad has an important book out--A More Christlike God--that challenges the received lazy "wisdom" of both conservatives and liberals, atheists and believers about Christ. Here's my interview with Brad on this important and beautifully written book.