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Duke Chapel: Responding to Violence with Justice and Mercy

Wednesday September 03, 2014
A Duke Chapel Bridge Panel discussion moderated by the Rev. Dr. Luke Powery, dean of the chapel. The conversation, “Responding to Violence with Justice and Mercy,” is part of the Chapel’s Bridge Panels series that seeks to connect people from various walks of life to discuss issues of shared concern.

Duke Chapel: Jazz Vespers

Wednesday September 03, 2014
Duke Chapel hosted its first Jazz Vespers worship service Nov. 13, 2014. A collaboration between the Chapel and the Duke Jazz Program, this service combined the form of traditional evening vespers with the musical improvisation of jazz.

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Luke Powery: A Memorial for Mike

Wednesday September 03, 2014
Taking inspiration from the spiritual "Calvary," the Rev. Dr. Luke Powery offers "A Memorial for Mike" in tribute to teenager Michael Brown who was killed last month in Ferguson, Mo. Powery is the dean of Duke Chapel.

Duke Chapel: Bridge Panel: What to Say When Someone Is Dying

Wednesday September 03, 2014
Death can sometimes seem far away on a college campus, but it is, of course, the final fact of life for everyone. A Duke Chapel "Bridge Panel" explores death and dying from personal, practical, and theological perspectives.

Duke Chapel: Bridge Panel on Christian Prayer and Unity

Wednesday September 03, 2014
This Bridge Panel conversation aims to highlight the prayer traditions of some of these groups and also to explore the ways in which together we are - and are not - living into Jesus' call for Christian unity.