Lindsay Popper

Denomination: United Church of Christ (UCC)
Organization: Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York, NY


Biographical facts about Lindsay Popper


  • Currently serving Allin Congregational Church (UCC) in Dedham, MA, as their Minister of Christian Education (responsible for educational programming for people from infants to elders).
  • On the path towards ordination in the UCC (after having served an American Baptist Church, and being deeply involved in Quaker, Anglican, Presbyterian, Evangelical, and other churches)
  • worked for 6 summers at a non-denominational conservative evangelical Christian girls' camp in Maine.
  • went to college at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina-it's in the mountains with a working farm on it (lots of cows and chickens) surrounded by forests. Everyone works for 15 hours a week running the campus-I spent a year there as a plumber.
  • I worked for two years for an urban gardening business in Tallahassee, FL after college-planting small food gardens in people's yards, and supporting local community gardens. I am passionate about local agriculture and about growing food.
  • I have volunteered at nursing homes with my mother since I was in kindergarten, and was trained as a hospice volunteer after college.
  • I am a published poet, and my spoken-word background comes out sometimes in my sermons and in my liturgy writing


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The Courage of Easter People

Tuesday April 26, 2016
While Jesus promises peace, the world offers us trouble, disappointment, and pain. Lindsay Popper says that Jesus offers peace to us not so that we can find shelter from the world, but that we might be able to enter even more deeply into the world, to live fully and boldly as Jesus' disciples.