The Rev. Dr. Camille Cook Murray

Denomination: Presbyterian Church (USA) (PCUSA)
Organization: Georgetown Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC


Rev. Dr. Camille Cook Murray has served as the senior pastor of Georgetown Presbyterian Church since 2010. Her academic background consists of a BA from Vanderbilt University with a dual major: Religious Studies with Honors, and Psychology; Masters of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary; and a Masters of Theology in Applied Theology from Oxford University.

After graduating from Princeton Camille received the Parish Pulpit Fellowship taking her to the United Kingdom for studies and ministry. Camille previously served congregations in Oxford, London, Johannesburg, and New York City. Camille serves on the board of directors of the Reformed Institute and as a trustee of Princeton Theological Seminary.

Camille received her Doctorate of Ministry (D.Min) from Wesley Theological Seminary. Her dissertation was entitled, "Waging War on One's Knees: A Study on Prayer as a Leadership Tool Using the Theology and the Practice of Martin Luther King, Jr." 

Camille lives in Georgetown with her husband Roddy and their daughter Maisie.



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Camille Cook Murray: I'll Tell You When You're Older

Tuesday June 11, 2019
In the Upper Room, the Rev. Camille Cook Murray says, Jesus had a lot yet to teach his disciples, but they just couldn’t bear it. Same is true for us””if we knew about all the wars, disasters, recessions, illnesses and tragedies ahead, we couldn’t bear it. So Jesus is not giving his disciples all the answers; rather he’s trying to teach them about faith.

Camille Cook Murray: A Message for My Brothers

Tuesday January 24, 2017
Dr. Camille Cook Murray notes that the rich man in Jesus' parable caught 'affluenza,' a sickness caused by having too much. It can cause blindness, lack of sensitivity, and numbness in the heart. We see a number of cases of this disease in our own culture--and even those of us who aren’t all that wealthy may still turn a blind eye to someone in need.