The Rev. Shane Page

Denomination: United Methodist Church (UMC)
Organization: Harrison United Methodist Church, Pineville, NC

The Rev. Shane Page is senior pastor of Harrison United Methodist Church in Pineville, NC.

Shane possesses a passion for preaching, teaching, and learning, along with a great love for one-on-one pastoral ministry. He tries to incorporate his enthusiasm for Christ and his church in everything he undertakes, believing boredom has no place in the Christian life.

He received an AA at Gaston Community College (1998); a BA from UNC-Chapel Hill (2000); and a Masters of Divinity degree (M.Div.) from Duke Divinity School in 2003. He served as the pastor of Harmony United Methodist Church, Harmony, NC, from 2003-2008 and became the Minister of Evangelism and Involvement at Myers Park United Methodist Church from 2008-2013. He began his appointment at Harrison Church in December 2013.

Shane married his wife Christie in 2002 after meeting at Duke Divinity School. They have two children: a daughter, Jordan, born in 2005, and a son, Davis, born in 2009. They have lived in Charlotte since 2008.

"I received a call to parish ministry at age 22 after a long hiatus from the church. My involvement at First UMC Gastonia, my hometown, provoked within me a desire to serve the church on a full-time basis. After several years of discernment, the church affirmed my call, ordaining me as an elder in 2007."



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Shane Page: The Final Exam

Tuesday November 21, 2017
The Rev. Shane Page calls Christ the King Sunday the most political Sunday of the Christian calendar, because we declare Jesus is Lord over all political and world powers. And it’s clear that King Jesus’ interests are in blessing those who served the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the imprisoned, all those in need and poverty.