The Rev. Jason Micheli

Denomination: United Methodist Church (UMC)
Organization: Annandale United Methodist Church, Annandale, VA

The Rev. Jason Micheli currently serves as head pastor of Annandale United Methodist Church in Annandale, VA. For 13 years before that he was executive pastor of Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Alexandria, VA. Earlier he served churches in New Jersey and Virginia and as a prison and hospital chaplain. 

Jason is a graduate of the University of Virginia at Charlottesville and earned his M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary. 

He blogs at, and co-hosts a weekly podcast called "Crackers and Grape Juice" with two other ministers. And he's the author of several books, including "Cancer Is Funny" and "Living in Sin: Making Marriage Work from I Do to Death."

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Veiled in Bread, the Godhead See

Tuesday December 19, 2023
Two Sundays ago, after the Christmas Pageant, one of the children in the cast came up to me in the fellowship hall. “I have a question,” she said. “What’s your question?” “So, Jesus is alive?” I nodded. She thought about it for a moment. Clearly this hadn’t been her question. “Well,” she said, “if Jesus is alive, then how come we can’t see him?” I knelt over and I leaned in towards her and I whispered, like this was a secret too special to share. “Actually,” I said, “you *can* see him; in fact, you *did* see him just last Sunday.” “I did?” I nodded. “Yes, of course,” I said. “He was that bread on the table and the cup next to it. Jesus is alive and that’s the form – one of them, anyway – his body takes now.” She nodded. “Oh, cool,” she said. And then she ran off as quickly as a magi from the manger.

Jason Micheli: The Syntax of Salvation

Tuesday January 19, 2021
Jason Micheli says God speaks to us just as any other person speaks to us—through words. If you want to know people, you have to listen to what they say. And only by listening to what they say, outside of you, do they eventually get inside of you. Same is true with God.

Jason Micheli: No Salvation Outside the Church

Tuesday July 30, 2019
The Rev. Jason Micheli says the key to having love as a noun in your life is making love a verb; where you invest in loving actions, loving feelings will follow. If that’s how love works for a spouse or in a relationship, then why do we suppose it’s any different when it comes to our love for God?

Jason Micheli: God Is the Bigger Elvis

Tuesday July 23, 2019
In his sermon on Colossians 2, the Rev. Jason Micheli asks us: if you’re already forgiven, if Jesus has forgiven every sin you’ve done or will do, why would you bother following him? Paul makes the case in Colossians that this is indeed the case””that it happened once, for all, unconditionally. So why bother with this whole Christianity thing?

Jason Micheli: A Sheep Without Verbs

Monday April 16, 2018
The Rev. Jason Micheli says that to profess that the Lord is your shepherd is to confess that you are a sheep--which really means you are lame, stubborn, stupid. Sheep don’t do any work by which they merit their worth; they’re only good for their wool and their meat. The only real work, if you can call it work, a sheep performs is listening to the shepherd’s voice.

Jason Micheli: Emmaus at the Bass Pro Shop

Tuesday April 10, 2018
On the Emmaus Road Jesus encountered two followers, and only when he broke the bread in their home did they recognize him. But that was only possible because they refused to let this strange man on the road remain a stranger””they welcomed him, accepted him, and shared with him.